Name : Saroj

Country : United States

City : San Francisco

About Me : Namaskar Padiji, My name is Saroj. An astrologer asked me wear gomed and blue sapphire at the same time. My date of birth is March 12, 1989 born in San Francisco, CA, USA. Aries is my ascendant. I have a running mahadasha of Rahu with Budh antardasha. This was the reason for Gomed stone. Sani will be gochar in 8th house starting Jan 17th 2017. This was the reason for blue sapphire. Budh is 9 degrees, Rahu is 11 degrees, Sun is 28 degrees and Venus is 22 degrees. All are conjunct in 11th house. Venus is the lord of 7th and it is in association with Rahu. I am unmarried and have difficulty finding a suitable match. Sani is in the 9th house aslo aspecting all four planets in the 11th house. Guru, Chandra and Mangal are in the 2nd hose. I will appreciate it very much if you can tell me if I can wear both stones at the same time and importantly should I wear one or both or none at all? Thank you Saroj