Name : Christ(ina/opher)

Country : United States

City : Oakdale

About Me : Born: November, 9, 1989 @10:57 PM In: Winfield, Illinois (near Chicago) Twin Spirit, both Male and Female energies are active and awake within. While the body is male, the Female energy is particularly strong within, and so during spring and summer I appear female. Jewelry: Serpentine is the gemstone that my heart loves the most. It causes extreme inner bliss. I do not wear it much anymore because I no longer need its help. I currently wear a giant 150 carat ruby pendant with 3 crowing pearls. Pearl bracelets, a gold pendant with a diamond, a diamond ring on each ring finger set in gold. and a blue sappire set in gold on my left ring finger. I have a silver setting I am waiting to put a yellow sappire in to replace the blue sappire I am currently wearing.