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    Dear Sirs ,

    I am a christian .But I duly respect the Vedic Sciences ,Bhagwatgita,Puranas etc.Though ony few people can understand as all are mentioned in symbolism.So an ignorant person from another religion misunderstands it.

    I am so interested in astrology since my childhod .I am so found of esotheric.I was so fascinated to see such a good web site answering questions openly with detail.

    I am from Kerala.My date of birth is  07/10/1981 .According to the astrology my star is  Uttarashada-2.My birth rashi is – Makar and the Rashi God is – Shani.

    Now I am wearing a 2.1 Ct rectangle bluesapphire on my middle finger of my right hand and a 2.90 ct oval pendant on my chest.It is of medium quality with clear Gem ,not very expensive but affordable to a middle class person.

    I also have a navaratna ring which I am not wearing as for every day use it may get damaged.THe Blue sapphire on my finger has microscopic chipping due to daily use.I happen to learn that Diamond,Sapphire,Ruby are the hardes ,but at the same time brittle and can be chipped easily.

    I also have a 2.1 ct ruby with me as it is the gem of Uttrashada.But I happen to read in the forum that saphire and Ruby are enemies and will have their power nullified when worn together.So it means I have to stop wearing Ruby  since Blue sapphire is my correct Gemstone according to time.

    Also one doubt ” how can a normal middle class man have the most superior gem which is 100% flawless as it will be very costly per carat.AS it is mentioned in puranas they should radiate good colour and shoudl be flawless.But what I have seen in many people is that their Gems are big ,I mean in huge carat but not clear ,I mean only translucent or sometime opaque since it is low grade.

    I really expect a candid answer from all of you learned men.

    Thank you very much

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