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    Ashish Rana

    My name is Ashish Singh Rana. 

    DOB : 20 June 1987

    Place : near Ambala Haryana India

    Time : 5.45 am


    I was told to wear emerald and pearl. Pearl to speed up effect of emerald.  But recently I was suggested to wear Pukhraj. But I came to know that emerald and pukhraj don’t go hand in hand.  So what to do ? Which gemstone is better for me. I am not able to concentrate.  Personal life,  work and love all is taking a toll.  Work is suffering a great deal.  From being a star performer I am at a verge to be shown the door.  I am losing hope and faith. All of a sudden financial problems have elevated beyond scope.  I am at debt everywhere it seems.  But before this I never had any financial issues in life.   I want to succeed real bad. Want to setup my own business.  Our make big bucks and name in job too. Please suggest me what to do.  That be really mind of you.  Wasn’t able to find someone to guide me properly.  Everybody shows contradictory paths.  Thanks in advance

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