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    Currently, I am wearing Blue Sapphire and Emerald. I would like to know if I can I wear Yellow Sapphire too?

    DOB: November 10, 1972

    TOB: 8:55 PM

    POB: Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

    Please advise, which gemstone is best for me?



    You hv gemini ascendant, so the current stones advised by your astrologer are good for you, in general common terms.

    If someone suggessts Yellow sapphire for marriage problems, you should not wear it, wearing yellow sapphire will not solve the problem at all.

    Never wear anything related to Jupiter att all, it is badhak and marak for you.

    Wishing you good luck, may God bless you and above all?




    Can you please tell me for what reason you want to wear the gemstone?

    What i can see from your horoscope is you are an moody person and every time unstable in coming to any decision. And you will love to learn as many things you could but unfortunately you can’t master it any. 

    And coming to your question you can avoid wearing yellow sapphire gem, instead you can undergo some alternative remedies. Do reply if you are interested.

    GOD BLESS!!!

    Srinivasa Temkar

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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