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    I want to know myself my good and bad things/moments of my life.

    • My DOB: 15/09/1977
    • Time of birth: 11.05 pm (23.05pm)
    • Place of birth: Contai, West Bengal,. India
    1. Please say about myself in general—-my bad and good
    2. Whether I can get a job (Govt/Private) or not?
    3. Marriage Time — When my marriage, at what age, whether I will be lucky or not after marriage, ater marriage how my health and wealth, any development or any down time after marraige, how wil relation with my wife, how will be my wife (good or bad natured or character), financial growth or deterioration after marriage, marriage life shorter or longer duration and peaceful or not, etc etc.
    4. My income position and monetary position.
    5. Whether I can bought a flat or not

    Please anbswer and I am seeking adivce from good expert.

    Please also advice me if there be any remedy for me.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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