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    Dear sir,

    My Name- Aryan Boseould i


    Time-11:34 AM


    I am a Mbbs doctor……and have been tryiong since 2years to get a pg clinical degree but till now culdnt succeed!!Despite hardwork i culdnt crack entrance & get the branch of my choise ie MD(medicine).recently one of the astrologers have said me to wear NEELAM & PANNA but i’m afraid to wear Neelam learning about its bad effects on people.I request you to give some advice regarding should i wear neelam??


    1)can i get a pg seat(MD Medicine) ever??if yes when??

    2)recently I gave xam in month of december & jan….is there any chance of success in those exam??

    Please sir i am posting in this forum as my last resort,help me please to succeed in life!!

    Thank you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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