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    • Fee for private consultation with our Expert Astrologers is $25 USD (or 1500 INR). Please contact us at to get further details on how to make payment.
    • After the receipt of payment, we will create a Private Thread for you. We will send you a thread link via email; where you can have private discussion with the astrologers and gemologists (if required). Please allow some time to our astrologers to respond.
    • You will have to create an account at the forum ( so that you can post your questions (comments) at Private Thread.
    • You can ask maximum 10 questions (posts) about YOURSELF only, so provide as much detail as possible. For additional questions, you will be charged $20 USD (1200 INR) per 10 posts. Note: One thread should have questions regarding one person only.
    • Never post contact details (email address, phone number etc.) in the thread/forum. Otherwise, your account and posts will be removed with no refund.
    • You won’t be able to see other users private discussions; so “private section” will only show your threads.
    • To check our astrologer’s expertise, kindly visit

    If you don’t want privacy in discussions, you can always ask questions at our public forum.

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