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    Dear Sir,

    Below are my Birth Details.
    Name Abhishek Singh Gour
    Date of Birth 12 March 1982
    Time 12.20 to 12.30  pm/afternoon
    Place Khandwa Madhya Pradesh.
    I am facing lots of problem related to health like urinary/skin  as well career last 2 Year please suggest regarding the same. Also was working abroad but unfortunalty due to bad health i have to come back. What are the chances of going back as well till when my health will be upto mark.
    Also let me know about marriage life as there is issues with understanding with wife.

    Also tell me which stone i should wear ????? I am wearing Gomed in middle figer of Right hand also i was wearing Pukhraj but currently not wearing the same.
    As in total whole life is not working well. Please suggest regarding Marriage Life, Health and Career ????


    Would be great if you could tell me more about what kind of job that you do. If you are associated with drug/medicine or liquor industry would be beneficial. 

    Your jupiter maha dasha running since 2005 and it’s baadhesh (causing hurdles) along with being functional malefic. it’s lord of 7th and 10th present in 5th house. It’s not as benefic as it’s expected to be. Also, 5th house lord is sitting in 8th house. This combination brings slight trouble in job and married life… you might have gone through failed love affairs.

    you might have had love marriage and if so, your wife could be little insensitive/dominating person…. at least love affairs would have been with such girls. if your marriage is arranged marriage, it would be little cold though, because your expectation would be high (you are romantic and sexually active person). You must be hardworking, and orthodox person, who question everything before believing in it.

    Mars being functional malefic present in 4th house with Moon and Saturn… makes hard for your mother, or your relation with your mother would not be cordial.

    Saturn having 10th aspect on lagna. Where rahu is present… makes you a person who had hard time in expressing his feelings and emotions.

    Mars, 4th aspect on 7th house … and 7th lord present in 5th house, 5th lord sitting in 8th and loosing it’s strength…. That might have caused delay in marriage, hiccups in married life or even situations like divorce. You would have chances to have two sons and a daughter… if so, take good care of your elder son.

    Mars being with moon… low temperament and poor relations with siblings and mother… You might have a younger brother… if so, howz he doing? Do you have complains about high blood pressure.

    For career… I shall rather tell you what to do for betterment:

    1) Saturn aspects 10th house. And bring challenges in your job.

    2) To overcome those challenges, you must work hard. 3rd lord present in 9th house…. Your job would involve travelling which you don’t like. You must not look at the outcome of your efforts .. just keep working hard.

    3) Ego is another problem where you need result and outcome of whatever you do. You must lower down your ego to open door for luck. Even if job is something you are not liking, let it be…. Just put your best to do job.


    Following mantras you shall chant every day… mantras are more powerful than anything else.

    A) Gram greem graum sah gurave namah.

    B) Kram Kreem Kraum sah bhaumaay namah


    4) Put on a diamond that shall improve things.







Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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