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    My name is Somak. I’m 27 years old. My birth details are given below:
    DOB : 18/07/1988

    Birth Time : 18:36 (06:36 PM)

    Birth Place : Medinipur,Paschim Midnapore (West Bengal)

    After consulting different astrologers from different places, I’ve been suggested to wear Gomedh(Hessonite) and Pearl together for luck, success and peace of mind. But to much of my surprise i found out on the internet that these two gemstones shouldn’t be worn together. Please help me in this regard. Also please tell me if there is any severe bad effects if these two gemstones worn together. Also, one of the astrologers suggested me to wear a Blue Sapphire since he said its my birth stone but other astrologers discouraged me in wearing it since they said Blue Sapphire usually has very powerful effects hence if its not needed then one should be very cautious about wearing it since sometimes it can have reverse powerful effects which can be very harmful. I’m very confused at this stage. Please help! My kind request. Thank you in advance.


    Hi somakdan,

    According to your horoscope you are Capricorn ascendant ruled by Saturn. You are born in the Purva Phalguni nakshatra ruled by Venus. Saturn owns two important, 1st house and 2nd house but is placed in the 12th house (which is a dushtana) in the sign of Sagittarius. So avoid Blue Sapphire. Also moon owns 7th house which is a Maraka house. So avoid Pearl.

    Venus is a Yoga Karaka for Capricorn ascendant. In your horoscope Venus is placed in the 5th house in its own sign Taurus. This planetary position allows you to wear a Diamond / White Sapphire / White Topaz / White Zircon. Wearing of a Venus gemstone will bless with intellectual advancements, progress in career, etc. It should be worn in the Ring finger of Right Hand in Silver / Platinum on a Friday. Whie wearing recite ‘Om Shu Shukraye Namah’ 108 times.

    Also currently you are running through Mars mahadasha which will be operational till 11/06/2016. You may wear a Red Coral in your Right Ring finger for Mars Mahadasha. It should be worn in the Ring finger of Right hand in Gold on a Tuesday. Whie wearing recite ‘Om Am Angarkaya Namah’ 108 times.

    P.S.: Gemstone Therapy is effective only when the Gemstones are natural, untreated, unheated, flawless and most importantly, are Jyotish gemstones.

    Thank You

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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