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    My details are:

    • Name: Ursan Sachdeva
    • DOB: 01-12-1988
    • POB: Muktsar(Punjab)
    • TOB: 10:17 PM

    I have been facing numerous problems in life. I have been trying to settle abroad from a long time, but every time one or the other obstruction comes in my way. Another problem that i have been facing is regarding my health. I keep having diseases related to the stomach and my sinuses from time to time. Someone told me i have got mangal dasha and also he told me that my father is suffering health wise because of this( Father details are: Sukhvansh lal Sachdeva, 12-08-1951, Time: unknown, Place: Fazilka(Punjab) Can you please suggest something for me. What kind of stone should i wear to help me achieve career wise and also how to deal wtih these health issues.

    Another issue that i am facing is in terms of marriage, i have been in a relationship for 5 years, every time it comes to marriage someone or something obstructs our way and it again comes to a halt. Can you please suggest what remedy should be done regarding this and whether there is some actual problem in the match itself? Can you please suggest some possible dates for these things to get better?

    My other half’s details are:

    • Ramanpreet Kaur Arora
    • DOB:17-09-1987
    • TOB:11:35 AM
    • POB: Jallandhar(Punjab)

    I would be highly thankful to you if you can help me with these.




    You are not having Mangal or Mars dosha.

    You may wear a Natural Cat’s Eye (2 to 4 carats) in Silver setting in Right Ring finger. Start wearing at an auspicious muhurta.

    Thank You

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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