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    I need ur suggestion plz.

    I am self –employed in ITES(web-designing). For d last 2 yrs i am experiencing severe downfall & loss in my business. I lost all my savings & practically have no income these days. But in d past i did very well in my business( 2006-2008). The downward trend begun in 2009.

    I am currently under Saturn-Saturn antardasha. An astrolgr frnd of mine suggested wearing an Amethyst to counter ill-effect of Saturn. Presently i am wearing one. Another astrlgr prescribed a Red-Coral (12 c) with a Yellow Sapphire(4 c)for success in business & prosperity. My details r as under:

    • D.O.B –31.12.1970
    • Time  – 11-25 A.M
    • Place  –  Calcutta, West Bengal, India.

    Plz tell me-

    1. whether the financial hardship is due to Saturn-Saturn dasha.
    2. whether i can substitute Yellow Sapphire with a Yellow topaz, d cost of former being very high.
    3. if Red-Coral, Yellow Sapphire/Yellow Topaz & Amethyst r compatible with each other.
    4. if so,which finger should i wear these rings and with which metal?
    5. If the Gemstone selection is right. If not, what are those in ur opinion?



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