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    Usha Kulkarni


    I am 18 year old and I have been suffering from acne since last two years. I have tried many remedies including natural ayurvedic creams and syrups but haven’t found a permanent solution. My face is rarely without red pimples and it feels bad to go out with my friends and relatives with all those shinning faces instead of mine.

    Recently, a friend of mine told me about gemstone as it helps to cure many disease and problems. So, I wanted to know if it is for real and if it can help solve my acne problem.

    Thanks in advance!



    Here are few general gems which are found to be effective for Acne problem (in general terms without going much deeper into astrological details).

    1. Rhodochrosite: You can carry rhodochrosite as a touchstone.
    2. Aventurine: Wash your face with aventurine water every night. You can make “aventurine water” by placing aventurine either in rain or well water for a day. Women should wear jewelry made from aventurine.
    3. Amethyst: It has also been used for acne related problems. You can either drink or wash your face with water which is “charged” with amethyst.

    Although, your problem cannot be solved by a gem stone alone as your body has a blood cleansing need, constipation and acidity.

    I recommend you to meet an ayurveda specialist or a naturopathy practitioner and get your digestive system cleaned up.

    Avoid eating fried foods (spicy foods) and dairy products such as milk, curd, cheese, butter, paneer, ghee etc. for a month. Detox your body by consuming juicy fruits and vegetable juices of the season. Stop eating breads and wheat related products for a month. Take a diet of long grain white rice, daal and other grains ( but don’t eat wheat and white flour).

    Maintain a strict diet on the above lines for a month and see the difference. You will surely look charming, beautiful and radiant.

    Wishing you good luck, May God bless you and above all?



    @Usha kulkarni,

    Regarding your Acne problem (in terms of astrology); it usally signifies that your blood significator planet has been associated with a malefic planet. And the planets which usually give out these issues are Mars and Saturn

    To come up with any conclusion, it would be really good if you could share your birth details like date, time and place of birth here (with us) and we will certainly help you in figuring out the astrological aspect of this problem and also suggest a cure to your problem.

    Apart from that; Yes, gems have been used as medicine since the ancient times. But for it to be truly effective, you will require purest gemstones available. Also, many modern day medicines include gems as thier ingredients.

    Hope to see you back with your birth details

    GOD BLESS!!!

    Srinivasa Temkar

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