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    My birth details are as follows: Date/Time/Place: 17-June-1969 4:30 pm, Mangalore (city), Karnataka. 

    About 20 years ago, a numero-palmist wrote some predictions for me and told me that I should wear a 4-carat Ruby with gold in ring finger, a 3-carat Gomed on any finger, and a Diamond ring on first finger, and this would help me in career and finance.

    I recently came across that note, and realized that most of what he wrote has generally come true. So I acquired a natural Gomed (7.40-carats), and a natural Ruby (about 9-carats). I don’t have easy access to gemstones-vendors, so I picked them up as available. 

    I wanted to know if this recommendation makes sense for me, and can I wear all this together. I have read that Ruby should not be worn with Gomed/Diamond, unless recommended by an astrologer. I was recommended by an astrologer, but I am hoping for an second opinion from the experts in this forum. 

    Please let me know if I can go ahead and wear these stones, and if they will be benefical or harmful, by themselves or in combination.


    – Jay


    I also wanted to add that in general, finances are always a short of what I need, career is always at the edge of progress but not going forward. Over the years, I just feel like there is something that is pushing me to wards steady progress and holding my life stable, and then there is something else holding me back from a strong success. I put in lot of hours at work, get lot of good feedback in my annual-reviews, so I know it is not laziness or lack of dedication from my side.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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