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    Hello everyone!

    I’m Sheridan. I simply love gemstones. I think it’s beautiful. My birthstone is Amethyst and one of my favorite is Jade.

    Is there anyone here who is interested with this stone? I love to hear from you.

    Warmest wishes to all.


    Welcome Sheridan.

    I hope you enjoy discussing about gemstone with a small community here.

    My favorite gemstone is Emerald and I have rarely seen a large eye clean piece of it.


    Hi Roxeen!

    Thanks for the welcome. I guess everybody has its own favorite gemstone. My favorite is my birthstone Amethyst and I’m quite fascinated by Jades too. Actually I love anything that are beautiful and created into a gorgeous jewelry.


    Hi Sheridan,

    I saw your message in the forum. I also deal in Amethyst and if you want anything in Amethyst or related to it; please let me know.

    Actually we mainly deal in Emeralds but we have lots of work on Amethyst too.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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