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    Do synthetic or lab created gemstones have same astrological powers or not?


    Synthetic gemstones have same chemical and optical properties as natural gemstones. The only difference among them is inclusions.

    From the astrological point of view, a gemstone is said to endow powers when light (natural sunlight) enters from gemstone through to the body.

    Since both natural and synthetic gemstones have same chemical bonding and when light enters in gemstone it passes through the same chemical bonding structure before entering in the body, i.e. why it is obvious that synthetic gemstone has same astrological powers as natural gemstones.


    Okay; if we take this thing into consideration that synthetic gems have same astrological powers as natural ones then why do people go for natural ones as they are expensive as well. I bought synthetic blue sapphire (having same chemical properties as natural one) for only £10 whereas I had to pay £100 to buy a natural one.

    The synthetic stone has more lustre than natural one, so I am still confused what to do whether to wear the natural stone or the synthetic one.


    “Luster” is an optical property of a gemstone and since a synthetic stone has same chemical and optical properties their luster will also be the same. The only thing is that synthetic gemstones are generally more clean and clear than natural counterparts that are why synthetic stone seems more appealing.

    People wear gemstone not only for astrological power but also for status symbol and pleasure i.e. why they go for natural one. If I have been asked to wear a gemstone, I would also go for natural one because it gives me personal satisfaction. But if the price is beyond my reach then I wouldn’t mind going for a synthetic gemstone. It’s actually ones choice.


    From my side, I never gonna believe that synthetic gemstones have any sort of astrological effect. As the natural gemstones are made by nature under natural conditions that’s why they have so effective. Rest is up to you.

    You can use Synthetic Diamonds for your passion other than that they don’t have any kind of astrological effect.


    @ harry_sandha,

    Synthetic gemstones are man-made, they have been made to look like natural ones. When light passes through these gemstones, they will not carry natural properties to the body and will not blend with it. Thus, synthetic gems do not have astrological powers.

     Wishing good luck, may God bless you and above all?



    @harry sanda,

    As all our experts said synthetic gemstones are man-made which which does not have astrological powers.

    For an example; human created robots but they are not better than god gifted humans. And even natural water is better than synthetic water; you agree to that, right? And synthetic gemstones may carry negative energies rather than positive energies. So instead of getting good positive energy to fight with existing negative energy one is actually strengthening the negative energy more and its nothing but putting an hammer on one’s own foot.

    GOD BLESS!!!

    Srinivasa Temkar


    As per gemology, synthetic gemstone has the same composition, chemical, physical & optical properties like lustre, refractive index, specific gravity etc. The only difference is inclusions.

    As per astrologers; synthetic gemstones made in lab do not have same astrological powers maybe because it didn’t take thousands of years to develop naturally but took only few days or hours to get it made in lab.

    Even being a gemologist and knowing all those things, I personally would like to wear natural gemstones instead of synthetic gemstones for astrological purpose.

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