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    Birth details: 8/8/1980

    Time: 2 am

    Birth place: Margao, India

    Single Male

    I’ve had a bad time in love, career & luck since 2009. I’ve lived abroad since 2005 for almost 8 years (most successful phase) but returning back has just put a damper on things. Love affairs don’t even materialize – I don’t believe that I would ever have success ever. Plus career and foreign travel aspirations have stuck.

    what gems would suit me? blue sapphire gives health problems. So far I’m just using semi precious stones like moonstone, red garnet, agate, zircon, topaz, amethyst etc all which have not shown any great effect as such. I’m thinking of hessonite for rahu (some astrologer suggested that for speedy accomplishment of goals, love & wealth). When would good times begin ? Please advise.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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