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    My birth details are as follows:

    • DOB – 04.10.82
    • POB-Faridabad
    • TOB- 01. 31 am

    1. Can i wear whiite zercon and Pukhraj together.

    (currently having Yellow pukhraj, Moonga, Pearl in my right hand. From 2008 to 2012 I worn white zercon only, and it suits very well, currently astrologers are not advising me that due to kark lagan and Venus is the lord of eleventh(badhak for karka lagna)

    2. No job from November onwards, when i”ll  get the job. i was working into real estate from last 11 years never had problem to get the job. this is first time)

    3. still single,  can it be predicted that how would my partner will be (working etc.) and from which direction.

    4. Never tried Gambling/ Lottery etc. do my stars favor for it, any suitable time(if any)


    Deepak Anand


    Hi deepak.82

    You are a Cancer ascendant. Placement of Moon, Jupiter and Mars is very favourable in your horoscope. So it allows you to wear Pearl, Yellow Sapphire and Red Coral.

    Avoid Venus gemstones like Diamond / White Sapphire / White Zircon.

    Thank You


    Hi Deepak, 


    There was job loss meant to happen for good. This is the time when you might establish your own business putting your savings and along with brother’s (or like brother’s highly trustable business partners). Your are into real state which is perfectly right field of job. You’ll scale high in this field and probably it should have been started by now. I feel that you’ll be very focused and your work would be related to beautification and careful precision related things of the buildings. 


    If you are into business then you might get through lots of short distance travelling. Business partnership would attract long distance travels to places near water bodies. 


    I see this happening by year 2018. 


    Your life partner would be philosophical, belonging to intelligent and reputed family, could be army family or with social circle related to army. You’ll have a son and his birth would bring luck to you. 


    Don’t try lottery. Avoid yellow sapphire and red coral (moonga), mars’s 4th and 10th aspect (specially 10th) are not good. Pearl would be good however keep a watch if emotional tides goes uncontrolled. 


    You might have family related issues specially emotional settlements and often your intelligence would even make you more unsettled. Most of your efforts in family would be wasted to bring balance between people, if family members are not mature enough. 


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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