Can I wear either Emerald or Cat’s Eye with Blue Sapphire?

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    My birth details are as follows:

    • DOB: Dec. 18, 1980
    • TOB: 18:40
    • POB: Patna, Bihar

    I have been wearing Blue Sapphire since 1997 till date & it has been favorable to me.

    My doubt is whether I can wear green emerald (as suggested by few astrologers) or cat’s eye (suggested by my Guruji) alongwith Blue Sapphire. I also read hanuman chalisa on daily basis & have started reciting Durgayaye Namah as I am entering into rahu mahadashaa (which was suggested by a local astrologer).

    Please advice!


    Hi Prabhat Kumar,

    Welcome to the forum.

    As per the birth details provided by you, you have born on thursday at bharani constellation Aeries Zodiac and Gemini Ascendant.

    You are going to start with rahu maha dasha from mid of august this year 2014 and will be till mid of august 2032 which is not so favourable to you. For rahu dasha i you wear cats eye it would be stop harmness caused by rahu for income however at the same time it will start spoiling your mental capability and you end of mental stress and agony which again leads to health issuess.

    And i wont think the blue sapphire is helped you, because it will create mental harmness as your Aeries zodiac and he would have showed drawbacks during 2007 till now. So i feel it would have been losts its energy or it was energised or it may not be of reall and good quality. And its really unpractical that the gemstone energy will stay for 17 long years if yes you should be energizing the gemstone every week.

    During rahu dasha you can chant the above mantra and apart from that you chat below mantra

    OM BHRAAM BHREEM BHROUM SHA RAHAVE NAMAHA!!! for min of 4 and max of 40 times along with this

    OM RUM RAHAVE NAMAHA!!! For same numbers as above.

    GOD BLESS!!!

    Srinivasa Temkar


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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