Can I wear blue sapphire & smoky topaz ring at the same time?

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    I am Gurucharan and I have been advised to wear a blue sapphire of 5 to 6 carat. So, I did buy the same and now wearing it. But for some reason its neither done good nor bad. I have heard it does wonders for the one who wears it. Is this correct?

    My birth details are as follows:

    • DOB: Dec 2, 1972
    • TOB: 01:35 A.M.
    • POB: Bangalore, Karnataka

    I also receite following mantra 108 times each day.

    neelanjana samabashyam Ravi putra yamagrajam chaya marthanda saambhutham tamm namami shainscharam

    Currently, I am also wear a smoky topaz ring along with blue sapphire ring. Please let me know which gemstone is best suitable for me.




    Hi Gurucharan,

    As per your birth details you have born on saturday, under chitra constellation libra zodiac and Virgo Ascendant.

    As per the birth details you are an negative attitude person along with every time having dual thinking person, at the same time tempermental mindset person, along with this is can see you will be back bitter most of the time rather than being straight forward. I can also see you are love to speak allot on adult oriented talks more and try to impress with these things the opposite sex.

    I can see you are running with sade sati from past nearly 4.5 years and you are on testing period and during this time you have find more trouble  and saturn will go in to his result period from november this year and approximately by mid of 2016 you will start getting the results for the things you have done during the entiere sade sati. So my sincere advice would be to you to stick doing lawfull things, dont do any evil things which during this period shani will provoke you to do and later treat you well for your present work.

    The mantra what you are chanting is more suitable remedy along with this try reading hanuman chalisa along with visit hanuman / shanishwara temple and offer black sessame lamp to god.

    There is no use in wearing blue sapphire during sade sathi instead you will be welcoming lord shani directly to show his effects by wearing the blue sapphire. So better thing is to remove the stone and not to wear it. And even smoky topaz as well nothing do any changes to you. So dont wear any gemstone till you complete your sade sati.

    GOD BLESS!!!

    Srinivasa Temkar

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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