Can I wear Amethyst along with Yellow Saphire, Ruby & Emerald?

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    You are welcome molay chakraborty

    GOD BLESS!!!

    Srinivasa Temkar



    This is Moloy Chakraborty. I have problem. I got opportunity for abroad and everything was settled including salary but got scuttled suddenly. There is response there after. I had similar opprtunity in India but nothing is finalizing. As per you prediction, time would have changed from December 2014 but situation is getting worst & worst Financially. I an unemployed for more than a Year.

    One suggestion I have not followed is wearing Zircon & Emerald though I removed Emarld for some time.

    I went to a Famous astrologer and he confirmed my Date of Birth as December 8th 1955 at 5.45 AM at Sindri Dhanbad.

    Sir, Humbly request you to gothrough your own prediction and new date of Birth and suggest possible future.

    Everyday, I am reciting Shani Mantra you have given 28 times.

    I will appreciate if you give your mobile no so that I can speak to you directly.

    Please help.

    Moloy Chakraborty



    Hi sir,

    DOB : 04/04/1991

    Time: 5.25 pm

    Place : karaikudi

    What kind of gem stone to be worn? Will wearing a gomed will affecte by anyways?


    Sir  am requesting it for my friend, who suffers by not getting a job, he reaches till the end of selection process and gets rejected. Also he always feels scared and in secured. Please let me know a perfect gem stone. Currently he is wearing a gomed.

    Dob : 4/4/1991

    Time : 5.25pm

    Place: karakkudi

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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