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    Hello SIr, 

    I have two questions. I will be very grateful if you help me with your valuable answer.

    1) My friend’s birth time is unknown. She only knows she was born in night (8-11pm). Now does the birth chart gives completely different data if she puts 8pm instead on 11pm? What is the time span for generating similar sort of data?

    2) I have met different astrologers both in India and Bangladesh. If I combine their suggestions for me and wear every gemstone all of them suggested, I will end up wearing 9 gemstones!!! But I just want 1-2 and the effective ones. Currently me and my family are going through a very bad financial situation. I do have a nice job but all my earning is going away to pay off the huge loans we have. I will be very grateful if you could suggest a good gemstone based on my data (provided below) Many many thanks.

    DOB- 11 January 1984 (Wednesday)

    TOB- 10:45 PM (night)

    POB- Khulna, Bangladesh (Longitude:  089deg  33′ E / Latitude: 22deg  48′ N)

    Others: I am a Christian unmarried woman and the elder daughter in my family. 

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