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    Hello Sir,
    time: 3:28 pm.
    Kanpur, up

    I started Job in IT HR in night shift in June 2015 in company in Pune. Will I grow and continue here? I dont have any support from relatives, family, parents.
    Also, when will i get Married?
    A astrologer advise me Coral, Pearl, Zircon stones. I did wear for few months but did not get benefit.

    A Astrologer told me to wear Kyanite(Blue sapphire substitue) and Gomed in Pendant around neck and Green Tourmaline in small finger for improving Health, Stomach problems, Fear control.

    I am wearing it but still have pain in head, joints, stomach problems, acidity. 

    Please advise.


    Namastey Sir, 

    I am wearing light Colour Neelam of around 6carats which is around Three Thousand Rupees and Gomed of around 10carats which is around Two Thousand Rupees  in Silver pendant in Chain. On top is Gomed, below that attached Neelam in Pendant since around 1 month. Should i wear both stones together in hand in 2nd finger? Should I wear Neelam on Top, below Gomed in Pendant in Silver chain.

    Should I also buy and wear Green Tourmaline Gemstone with all these Gemstones in small finger for improving Health, Stomach problems, Joint Pain, Fear control.

    The Astrologer who have advised the above gemtsones in year 2011-2012 is no more. He had advised 16ratti Srilankan Gomed and Kyanite(Blue sapphire substitue)12ratti in Silver Pendant, along with Green Tourmaline Gemstone in small finger. He told to wera Gomed as it will control Ketu bad effects. Also, he told Neelam substitute(Kyanite, Blue topaz) as he told Shani, Mangal are vakriye. Green Tourmaline or Emerald for Allergy conditions in body, control Uric acid. 

    Sir, most astrologers told me to wear Coral, Pearl, Pukhraj, I did wear it for around 4-5 months, but did not get any health or mental relief. 


    Also, I am facing eyes problem since few days. I always have fights at home with Parents and don’t have good relation, no support. 

    Sir, please advise about Marriage, also I am in night shift job since 2006, will I get day job or go Abroad. 

    Thank you very much. 



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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