You are welcome


You are welcome Sukhdeep,

Yes, if you have seen my above post; I have witten your partially good dasha started after August last year and it is there till November 2015 due to which you got the contract during this period. However, the present planetory position are not favorouble as I said above. Due to which you are still facing few problems.

Coming to your question regarding Kantaka Shani/Astama Shani, which was over on October 2011. The main problem started last year from February 2013 where Rahu transited in your 9th house where he started troubling you to return back to India permanently. However, even he wouldn’t cause you more trouble because he is responsible for you to stay in UK and earn. 

On this regard what I can say is, don’t apply the appeal right now as the present transit is not favourable to you. Reapply once again after 20th August this year in the initial few hearings it may not be good to you but you should get an approval after mid of November for sure.

And please don’t worry, you will permanently stay in UK. However, if you cross August 2018 in UK then definately you will be there for another 7 years for sure that is till August 2025.

However, please follow the remedies of Rahu to get succes in your Visa matters.

Hopefully we shall meet once when I will be in UK by July this year for my office secondment and will be there for 3 months most propably will be in Croydon or Yorkshire. I work for ATKINS as structural engineer (you may be knowing ATKINS well i hope).


Srinivasa Temkar