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@ trepti,

Good to know that you are an interior designer owning an architecture firm. Even I am a structural engineer by profession and astrology is my hobby and passion from the last 14 years.

Coming to the details, you were born on Sunday, in Chitra constellation 2nd quadrant and in Virgo zodiac with Libra as your ascendant.

Refering your horoscope, I like to get confirmed few details to predict the right gemstone as your birth time is at Bhavantya. 

1. Are you an -ve attitue person means for any work / situation your first decision would be -ve towards it? / Or are you a +ve attitude person?

2. Are you an person with more wavier in decision making, meaning you are too much fluctuating in mind and every time you will end-up with two options even for simple work? Or are you a person of confident enough with very less fluctuating mind?

3. Are you an soft spoken person OR rough spoken person in the sense more defensive converstations?

Please answer these questions for me to analyse your horoscope and suggest you the right gemstone.


Srinivasa Temkar