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@ Trepti,

Do not wear Yellow Sapphire and Emerald together, is the first advise. Secondly if you have been advised to wear Jupiter (yellow Sapphire) for marriage, (Jupiter signifies marriage for ladies), then you can continue to wear it. It seems Mercury/Budha in for of Moon Sign lord has been advised to be worn as Emerald. This you need not wear, but to remove mind related doshas happening due to the conjunction of Moon & Ketu, you need to wear pearl as suggested above.

For professional success wear Venus (you are in venusian business – interior designing and architecture). Diamond on 4.25 cents at least in white gold or platinum on the ring finger of the lef hand. Venus will also help you in marriage matters s Venus is the general significator of marriage for ladies & gents both. If you happen to choose my advise then remove Yellow Sapphire and wear Diamon instead. Now that as you wish to go online for your business expansion, wear the emerald as suggeted by someone earlier. So finally you should be wearing Diamond & Emerald, with the pearl too. Emerald and Pearl can be worn together on the little fingger, but set in different metals.

Wishing you good luck, may God bless you and above all?????