Thanks Srinivasa, Its great

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 Thanks Srinivasa,

Its great that you are working for a brand company and coming to UK. Definitely I will see you.

Basically if there is refusal of Visa, then we only have 10 days to appeal against there decision which has already been done. But I don’t know when the hearing is, as soon as I know I will let you know.

I am eager to get more contract as my first one is finished now and I am struggling for another contract.

Regarding Neelam, I alreday wear one I bought in 2005. Which I think is not of good quality as per studied on internet and there is Saturn – so Ganesha Speaks recommended for that psychologically I also believe to wear it to set up my things which I mentioned in earlier posts.

Rest if I can do any thing for you in UK, please let me know without any kind of hesitation.