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Thanks for providing the required information Sukhdeep,

Going through your information; you are born on Saturday under Porva Bhadrapada constellation and are Aquarious zodiac.

As per this, what I can say as per vimshottari till February 2010 everything was going normal, then later you started with Dushta Adhipathi antar dasha, Mars and Northen node of moon (Dragons head) consecutively till August last year 2013 – where you came into a lot of credits and losses. Especially, your VISA related problems got worse from February 2011. After last year August, I can see you started your own business and from last year August 2013 till November 2015 its comparatively good period. However, it doesn’t fuel you well for your total well being. And after November 2015 – it is going to be really good period.

As the present antar dasha is not harmful; still I can see lot of stress around you and nothing going well as per your plan. Reason behind this is the planetory transit. You had a Kantaka Shani/Astama Shani which is still more terrific than Sade Sati Shani, where during this period based on your good things / bad things lord Shani will give your judgements with in 2.5 years instead 7.5 years.

So you had experienced concentrated effect from September 2009 till October 2011. If you had closely observed, lord Shani will give you testing period say around 1.5 years during which you had some good karma done, he give you good results or some bad karma done he will punish you in the rest 1 year. After these problems, your business realted issues started/delayed after November 2011 and got worst after last year February 2013 where Rahu (dragons head) started joining hand with Saturn to give more tension and unwanted stress. 

Your business VISA problems should start getting materialising favourable towards you by this year after mid of July 2014 and you will get success after November 2014. One caution which i like to give is, after July 2014 you may have few tension related to your family’s health related issues. So what I would advice is to get some small remedies related to Rahu, so that your VISA related problems get solved. Reason being Rahu is the planet who is the siginificator for your working away from your home town. And you will continue to earn your bread and butter staying away from your country only. You have been shacked much due to the planetory position changes which is only temporary. 

To come out of your Visa related problem please do the following:

1. Please start meditatiing below mantra for atleast minimum 4 times in evenings facing North-West. Sitting on any timber platform under padmasan position.


Along with this, worship lord Durga who can change the direction of Rahu’s effect. As this is just an effect of planatory transit, I wouldn’t like to advice you with a gemstone. 

If you any concerns please do reply me back.


Srinivasa Temkar