Thank you very much for this


Thank you very much for this valuable explanation. Actually I am having health issues like, daily indigestion & stomach problem, insomnia, leg pains, unbearable stomach pain in period, chest pain, joint pain like arthritis, head ache,  skin allergic problem, mental stress, un-necessary worries from my childhood also other woman internal problems.

I have done medical  test for all of this, but reports are normal, due to this health issues I feel to attempt sucide.

When I sleep in mid-night leg & stomach pain also I fear due to bad dreams like snake bites, falling from high hill; this is happening on daily, due to which I have insomnia.

I am facing health problems daily, now days my husband also neglect me, he thinks like I am doing drama, he says that your thinking is that way that’s why you have this issues, I think he is right because  he spent more money for my medical test; but really I have daily stomach pain, leg pain & indigestion. For this I am doing yoga & meditation but somtimes I am not able to do yoga due to this issues.

From my childhood I am in trouble & facing this health / financial / unsuccess issues.

I try to be good with everyone, but everyone (relatives/neighbour) looks me in different way like sometiomes I feel they do some black magic on me like my aunty & neighbour. For all this one astrologer has suggest me to wear gomedh, but I am not sure if it is right stone for me and that is why I have contacted you and feeling comfortable with your replies.

As you suggested I should wear Blue sapphire, please let me know the process of wearing this stone also auspicious muhurtham / time / date. Can i wear this stone in silver? Is this stone help to achieve job & reduce the health issues?

From my childhood I have delays and problems in my  work, not getting success easily, due to which I started thinking negative (getting scare of work; like if work can be done or not). I want to think positive, but it’s not happenning, so what should i do now. I am always under depression.

Please tell me how to avoid all this issues, now I fed up of these. I want positive energy to achieve my aim.

As you suggested throw 8 coal in river, so please tell me at what time in a day morning / afternoon / evening should I do this or on every saterday or once in a month. And can it be also done on Amavasya (No Moon).

Can I wear this Blue sapphire gemstone for permanent or only for sadesati period. Somebody has told that saturn planet is vakri in front of sun planet, so I can’t wear neelam (blue sapphire).

Thanks in advance!