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Thank you very much Srinivasa, this is exactly what is happening with her right now and had happen in the past almost there.

1) She during her Jan 2013 was duped for a heavy amount and now in the process to claim it back unfortunately lot of difficulties are coming in it. Because of this she is taking a lot of tensions and stress and yes it is affecting her health too. Can you please let me know if she will have any luck in getting the money back in the coming future?

Also as you said the monetary troubles will reduce by July 2014 and yes this is correct as well, but the route to it is from a different destination not from the one where she got duped, can you please guide if there are any chances of returning the duped money whatever and how much ever it will be? and if needed are there any remedies she need to perform for it. She has really taken a lot of tensions on the money front and that is definetely affecting her health.

2) You are abolutely right about the health problem as well, but will she have any relief from her health issues in the near future and if any remedy is needed to be done by her?

Money issue or health issue both are troubling her health only at 59 she looks like 66-67 all health troubles mental stress and all 🙁 .