Thank you Rikhavji, Here are

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Thank you Rikhavji,

Here are my birth details:

  • DOB: 17-12-1977
  • TOB: 11.45 
  • POB: Chandigarh

Actually, In my life; every thing was running well till 2010 end. But after that downfall came, I had to sell my property because of Business VISA. Even I don’t get that and appealed to their decision. I don’t know what happened after that time, my daughter is over 3 years now, but she has not been able to see her grand parents because of VISA. I lost two jobs in between in this time. Now, I am doing my own business (creating double glazing and building enquiry) and get job as I have previous experience of contractor In UK.

I don’t want to go back India without VISA . So please let me know if you can help me.

Kind Regards.