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@ Sukhdeep,

As per your brother’s birth details provided here, he is born on Thusday under Uttara Phalguni constellation 3rd quadrant Virgo zodiac and Pisces Ascendant.

Referring your birth details, your brother is fully negative attitude person, Lazy person, short tempered / highly tempermental, stubborn, yet respects elders in his words while speaking, He himself doesnt like to follow rituals, but yet he will love give advice on our rituals, religious things. I can see he having praveenya yoga which means brilliancy in earning money, some how he will earn his bread and butter he is genious in that and yes he will be good at business. And i can see he finds it difficult to find himself a work in other words his service / work life is not so easy as it is thought. To get a job he has to struggle hard and after so much of struggle if he find success in finding the job he wont stick there for quite a long time. And i can see he would had some bad experience in love / relationship before, which makes him think the love / relationships are all bullshit and he start thinking more against love / relationship or he hates it. And frankly speaking what i can see the life after marriage is not so good. It will be more of quarrels, misunderstandings, ego clashes, so he has to be mentally prepared for it. Along with this what i want to say is he has Mangal dosh which is postponing his marriage activity along with this Saturn and ketu are fueling for the postponment of marriage event.

As per vimshottari, he is running Rahu maha dasha from august 2001 and august 2019, During this period he has found lot of good things happend in his life. And from last feb 2012 till feb 2013 period he suffered from lots of mental agony and he would have also had some bad experience with love / relationship and started thinking more on the spirtualism. And from last year feb 2013 i can see the girls whom you are searching for your brother no one are getting set, some body comes to almost finalisation and later gets failed. And this kind of situation will prevail.

As per planet transition, he is suffering from sade sati from past 7 years where he find lot of problems might be peace, finance  health and even family. and if you observed shani has started his result period so from last few months he is finding some relief from the past problems what he had faced past from 7 years. And he come out of the sade sati from this year november 2014. And from last 25th december 2012 you started getting financial trouble, mental unwanted stresses, no work is getting being materialised, He is being more arrogant towards anyone whom they speak with him. All these things will come to an end after this mid of july 2014.

For remedies please do reply back for what problems you are expecting the remedies.


Srinivasa Temkar