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As per the birthdetails of your daughter provided by you here, she has born on thursday, pushya constelattion in 1st quadrant under cancer zodiac.

Your daughter is good looking cute baby girl. As i can she will be very positive in her thinking and behaviour. Overall an positive mentality person. And i can see she started speaking little lately and after she started speaking she is talking very logical stuffs only more and talkitive most of the time. And once in a month she will be stubborn in nature and she will be troubling to you. And she will be very respect full to elders in her speaking now and even in future. She will be an universal friendly animal who will mingle with every one. 

Again even here its showing two brothers to come behind her to play with her. However as sun is placed in ketu constellation and also in mrita avasta and together closely placed with enemy rahu, she can be benifited with only one brother who will be hyperactive in nature and same thing i would like to tell your wife may face some pregnancy issue during pregnancy time. Due to bad placement of bad planets in your daughter’s horocope.

As per vimshottari i can see she had started with ketu mahadasha till last december 2012 during the last 3 months(that is from last september 2012 till december 2012) she would had faced severe skin problems as ketu  causes skin diseases like small patches kind stuffs to skin as he is affecting ascendant. And i can also see due to outside weather condition of UK she would had faced this skin problem as ketu is placed in 9th house which is related to foriegn nation. And she will be having many hobbies in future and multi tallented.

As per tranist of planets is concerned you have to take care of her health after this mid of july this year 2014 till next year as she would have little health issues regarding cold concerned. Rest she is good.


Srinivasa Temkar