@Sudarshan, Since you have



Since you have seen progress using white sapphire in your career, I would suggest you to keep wearing it. It should be worn as a ring on index finger of right hand in case of male. Do not wear yellow sapphire and white sapphire both at the same time.

You can also wear pearl as a ring on little finger of right hand in case of male. Anyone can wear a pearl. Many-many people in India wear pearl. Pearl is worn to ease mental tension & temper. It gives wearer a peace of mind. I also used to wear pearl for some years.

I would suggest you to wear white sapphire in silver in index finger and white pearl in silver in little finger of your right hand. Pearl should be worn on Monday and White Sapphire to be worn on Thursday in the morning after worshipping. Keep both gemstone (pearl and white sapphire) on early sunrays to energize.