Sir, Thank you for explaining

Sanjay Kabir


Thank you for explaining in detail. I completely agree with you.

Sir, now that you have made me aware of the unfavorable period I am into worries again and this compels me to ask another worrisome questions.

  1. Will/Can this planetary change make me lose my job?
  2. Will I ever become a wealthy person?
  3. I used to trade in Stocks/Shares, can I continue doing that parallel?
  4. I got married last year but I really don’t feel happy about my marriage. I am quite dominating and my wife is opposite but still I don’t feel happy I always feel that I had a jolly good life till the time I was single, I also feel like getting divorced but I don’t have a valid reason for that, it’s just that I feel like I am in a cage.
  • My wife’s name: Payal
  • DOB: 27th November, 1988
  • OB: 3:28 PM
  • POB: Agra, UP

Please help me understand my life, I mean I am always worried about one or the other thing, why am I like that?

Thanks & Regards,