Sanjay, Your dasha was



Your dasha was moderate and till 19th of january the jupiter was in Gemini which is 5th house to your zodiac acquarious. And he was pushing your luck so you could able to find the change in your profession due to luck factor however i had mentioned 19th of june there is transition of jupiter from Gemini to Cancer and Cancer being your 6th house to your zodiac, and during this transition as i mentioned be cautious before making any partnership deals, undertaking any credit, perform well more than present at your work because it doesn’t push you as much you have been pushed now. 

And for your question of after 19th june you got your contract renewed on yesterday. The answer is your contract renewal would have not been decided in a day or two. And it would have been decided during your good period when jupiter was in your luck place. And you can’t expect suddent change after the planet’s transition, it takes fews days to start its effect.

Hope its clear to your now.


Srinivasa Temkar