Sanjay, Please find the



Please find the answers for your query.

1. No it will create hurdles and you should be careful and well alert to avoid mishaps.

2. No you will be with credits through out your life. And your income as well will be flucuating by time to time, In this scenario do you think you can become wealthy?

3. If am not wrong trading had put you in credit rather than good profit. So its not advisable trading to you. I know you have good knowledge about it, however for trading luck factor is more important. 

4. Sorry to say that your both compatibility doesn’t match as the major component which is Nadi has dosh. So you are feeling like this. However your wife has been lucky to you in terms of money matters. And you have done the mistake during your marriage by wrong selection and now there is no other way for you you have to manage this. One advice is to leave your egos first and try to behave as friends rather than husband and wife, which will solve your problems.


Srinivasa Temkar