Ritesh Shinde, For your


Ritesh Shinde,

For your second question about your brother Satish Shinde he has born on Sunday and at Jyesta Nakshatra and Scorpio as zodiac.

What I can see is your brother should already had a relationship which came till neck point / final point then later it got rejected due to reasons like girl ran away with some other boy / girl rejected. One more thing even he has bad habits which he needs to come out to get married.

One more important thing which sound bitter, however as an astrologer my duty  is to advice. As per the details given by you, your elder brother whom ever he marries, the girl will not be much loyal to him as Venus is been associated with Mars in 9th house / the girl who had a breakup already.

Your brother has mangal dosha which is highly strong in matters of marriage, your brother should digest the truth that even after marriage he can be 50 to 60% happy as their will be misunderstandings more. To over come this proper horoscope matchings has to be taken place for which you can turn back to our forum or contact us.

At present your brother doesn’t have Jupiter’s blessings which is much required for getting good aliance, after July of this year till next year May he should find good aliance. And more over tell your brother not to involve in ill activities. And apart from that rahu and ketu giving trouble in financial and in work atmosphere since from last december 25 2012, which will get well by next year mid July.


Srinivasa Temkar