@ Ritesh Shende, Based on the


@ Ritesh Shende,

Based on the details of your birth provided; I am considering the time of birth is morning 8:20 AM. From next time it would be really appreciated if you (or anyone else) could give their full birth detail by mentioning their place of birth as it will be very precise in casting horoscope.

As per the details provided, you are Taurus zodiac born (as per moon) on Thursday on Krittika Nakshatra 4th quadrant. As per your horoscope, I hope you are having some tensions regarding your love life and your financial status seems to be disturbed. This is because the second house is occupied by Rahu and even finiancial planet Guru is with Rahu in 2nd house. Even your family situation seems to be unstable (bearing ups and downs). However due to present planets transit from last May, your fianacial situation is quite satisfactory.

Coming to the point of Gomed, it has to be worn on middle finger (not ring finger), reason being ring finger is ruled by planet Sun and Gomed symbolises planet Rahu (north node of moon / dragons head) which are dead against enemies. And if you wear Gomed in your ring finger, I will assure you will be further ruined in financial and personel matters. Yes, Panna or Emerald can be worn on ring finger. However I would recommend you Diamond rather than Panna, as diamond will increase your family status and it will help you in getting good luck and opportunities in foreign land.

If you can reply me with your particular problem, I will be in an position to help you out.

God Bless!!!

Srinivasa Temkar