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Thanks for your aggressive reply. Currently, I am wearing a 1.77 carat Yellow Sapphire with gold in forefinger of left hand & I am going to wear a 1.67 carat Emerald (on gold) in little finger of left hand. So my concerns are, can both the stones be worn together & how long should they be worn?

By profession, I am an interior designer & I have my own firm of architecture & design in Pune. Along with that, I have plan to enter digital media spanning India which will be co-related to my design profession. So my concerns are, which gemstone (and what carat) is suitable for my profession? Also, can yellow saphhire & emerald be worn (for profession purpose) together?

One more last & important concern is marriage. In what direction & how far will he be searched? What kind of person will he be? What I need to do or wear gemstone & for how long?