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@pranav Darzi,

As per your birth details provided you are born on Sunday Mrigasira constellation 4th quadrant Gemini zodiac and Cancer Ascendant.

Seeing your horoscope you are an negative attitude person, very religious in thinking, God fearing, respectfull to elders, and you will get tempered soon if anyone says against the justice / truth. And you as person not an openbook. People always cant fail to understand what pranav darzi is really is. And you are an romantic person, and i can see love / relationship had been coming and going in your life i mean breakups are yet often to you. And during argument you cant be able to speak to the opposite person on his face, instead most of the time you will be a back bitter. Even related to your progeny you had it late and with lot of difficulty. And i can see you are suffering from diabeties, skin oriented problems, chest cold / cold related diseas and reproductive organs problem. And i can also see during major decision making your mind becomes totally blank. And your brain tends you to  think some of the time more wickedly, however your soul / mind draws you back.

As per the vimshottari you are running with Budha maha dasha from august 2009 till august 2026. which is an 50:50 dasha period. And from last jan 2012 till last year 2013i can see you had find problems realted to mental stress, weakness in nervous system, health realted issues, partner realted issues, sibbling issues / property issues all and a loss period started from last jan 2013 and especially you are getting trouble from an female. And this present problem will get solved after november next year 2015.

As per present transition from last year may you are facing allot of problems which cant be explained, its equivalent to our ancient Ramachandra faced problems during his vanavasa. And you can come out of this after mid of june this year 2014, and after you will start finding family and finacial related happines back not 100% but yes for certain extent as your dasha is not favourable.

If you are looking for some any particular problem solution please do let me know.


Srinivasa Temkar