@lazmi, As per your birth



As per your birth details you have born on saturday, Jyesta nakshatra 1st quadrant. After analysing your horoscope what i see is you are an good looking girl and you get easily attracted to opposite sex. And i can see you like love marriage rather than an arrange marriage and i hope you are in an love relationship. As i can see you will be easily get all the materialistic requirement and with out any much obstacles you will get thru success full in  love relationship. 

However My sincere advice would be try to avoid love marriage as i can see later after marriage you couple loosing interest among others ans lord saturn / shani start giving you trouble. And your mom is supportive to this i hope. For more particular details you can reply me back.

Coming to your question let me understand why you want to wear ruby and diamond. I hope you would asked for better relationship your astrologer would had adviced for diamond. and wearing diamond in left hand ring finger is not adviseable it should be worn on little finger and wearing it together with  ruby is not advisable. After wearing it you should have facing difficulites in your love reationship if having. 

Reply back for more details require and please specify your problem so that i can suggest you the remedy.


Srinivasa Temkar