Hi, In this life your actions



In this life your actions define your deeds. So you if you had been depending or other’s advice stop doing that. 

If you meeting accidents it should be very often but you recover very quickly. 

You must have made profit from land deals. I don’t see you much of religious person (or blinded by dharm gurus).  You are practical person, totally action oriented. If you are following any dharm guru or pretending to be religious, stop that. It’s hurting your soul. God is not what we worship in temple. It’s within your sleeping until little bit of introspection is done.

You could be dominating and center of things specially finance that you have built at your own. 

Ups and down comes in life, your partners would leave you all of sudden. 

You are looking for satisfaction of desires like settling in foreign, money, business etc.. eventually by end of the day you have desire for deeper knowledge of life and go to some known place for liberation. Even if you settle in foreign, it might bring ethical loss to you and restlessness.

Be your own guru, and avoid making any guru. Your incomes might reduce or loose could occur in wrong investment with brothers (more of experimental things).

Note:  everyone goes through ups and downs. Problem happen when we are not able to take from events in our life … A clear mind understand things that happen around us. Then our ego and anger settles down, and then we are able to co-relate things and events better. eventually control out life better. 

I don’t think Yellow Sapphire would help you here. In-fact yellow sapphire should be avoided.

What you could do:


1)     Ask your mother/sister to gift you a silver chain and put on this. Respect the person who gift your silver chain. In-fact show your gratitude to her.

2)     Chant mantra “Om Sharm Shreem Shraum has somay namah” daily 108 times… make it your daily routine like eating food. It’s food for your mind and soul. This would clear your mind and bring peace.

3)     Put on red coral “Moonga”. This would help you taking initiatives in life and be more into action.


Remember.. your courage is your guru. Learn by yourself, seeking guidance from a spiritual guru not dharm guru.