Hi, I guess mental peace is

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I guess mental peace is the only problem. you seems to be religious, too self-constrained.

I guess you need to free yourself from limitations in your mind. Believe everything is there as meant to happen, nothing is right nothing is wrong. More strict you are more you would get tangled.

Kaal sarpdosh is not always bad. Problem that I see are:

  1. Not having enough savings.
  2. If you are social person, spending too much on social circles and gurus
  3. Desire to have sudden benefits and deeper knowledge is failing you.

Putting on bluesaphire might give success in career but you might get tire soon.

You need the clear mind which is just not there. Mental peace is biggest concern for you. I would not suggest any stone except emerald (Panna).

With that:

  1. Ask your mother/sister to gift you a silver chain and put on this. Respect the person who gift your silver chain. In-fact show your gratitude to her.
  2. Chant mantra “Om Shram Shrim Shraum Sah Somay namah” daily 108 times… make it your daily routine like eating food. It’s food for your mind and soul. This would clear your mind and bring peace.