Hi Sukhdeep, You need to

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Hi Sukhdeep,

You need to chant and energise the Rahu and ketu yantra in the beginning every day for 4 and 7 days respectively evenings after 6.30pm by placing your right hand middle finger tip on the yantra mid portion. standing or sitting on an wooden platform. After you finsh the above mention days then you can energise every tuesdays and saturdays for next 4 and 7 weeks respectively. Later you need to energise whenever you will take it out with you and come back.

As per your horoscope i would suggest you to get Bright white colore. I know its totaly opposite in colore, however you can after getting this car you are not so happy lots of ups and downs had happened. For you vehicle oriented planets significator is Venus and he also triggers your lucky things and foriegn places. So it would be wise decision to go with white color colore and dont go by any change blood red color.


Srinivasa Temkar