Hi Ritesh, Thanks for your


Hi Ritesh,

Thanks for your details,

As I can see, you (and your family) started seeing financial crises which created lots of credit upon you. And due to that, lot of tension & stress started rising from 19-02-2005 and it was a terrible time till November 2007.

Later you had a 50:50 crises and slight improvements from November 2007 to March 2010. Then it was quite a good period till last year Febuary 2013 as per your Vimshottari. I can see from your transit since from last December 2012 you had faced a major (a lot more unfavorable) changes in your family. You were very much mentally depressed at that time. And this will continue till this year’s mid-of-July. After mid-of-July you will start finding some good environment and peace in life and welcome a new family member. And even your Dasha is favourable to you till next year August 2015. Hence this will be your good time.

According to your future forecast, you can become a good enterprener as Lord Shani is in the 11th house i.e. you will definately see major imporvements in business. Instead of wearing Gomed (Hessonite Garnet) and Panna (Emerald) which definately won’t fuel you good in prosperity; I can suggest you not to wear anything before July 2014. After mid-of-July come back to our forum and I will suggest you some auspicious muhurat (I can see people using general muhurat which is not an eminent astrologer’s practice. To find perfect muhurta i.e. auspicious time it takes hours of calculations and it will last only for few minutes and not the whole day) to wear Blue Sapphire, which will imporove your future health, wealth, name and fame. And even it will help you in clearing all your bad credits. And along with that you can wear Yellow Sapphire for family related upliftment but before that Blue Sapphire is more essentilal.

And I am not those astrologer who will just suggest you with any costly affairs, I can see here your present situation doesn’t support to afford this gemstone of good quality. Hence you can chant few mantras if you are interested. Please reply me back and I will advice you.


Srinivasa Temkar