Hi Ashwini, For Sade sati you


Hi Ashwini,

For Sade sati you need to follow the below remedial measures

1. Chant OM PRAAM PREEM PROUM SHA SHANISHWARAYA NAMAHA!!! For minimum of 8 times and max of 107 times sitting in padmasana or normal posture on wooden platform with out touching your any part of the body. Every day evening after 6.30pm facing west.

2. Pre-heat the tava and then sprikle few drops of milk chanting the above mantra for 8 times. every day evening / Saturday after 6.30pm.

3. Read hanuman chalisha every saturday.

4. offer black sessame seeds lamp to lord shanishwara / hanumanji every saturday evening 6.30pm.

5. once visit shani signapur and offer pooja to lord shani.

6. once in a month a saturday try to visit some river flowing place. And face west and throw 8 coal pieces chanting OM SHAM SHANISHWARAYA NAMAHA!!! And pray lord shani to give you good results and throw it towards the direction of the river flow and after you have done dont turn back and see and move.

Yes you can wear blue sapphire of 3 to 6 carat in gold or 5 metal ring in middle finger of your left hand on a auspicious muhurtham. Can you please share what kind of disease / health problems you are facing.


Srinivasa Temkar