Hello, Thank you again for



Thank you again for attending my query in detail. Well noted that I should only wear the EMERALD Ring of 4-5 Carat in my Right Hand PINKY Finger.

  1. Sorry, but want to ask again whether I should wear the neck LOCKET that has White Sapphire, Pearl & Red Coral.
  2. I repeated the query as the EMERALD (Mercury), RED CORAL (Mars) & PUKHRAJ (Jupiter). I read that these three gemstones represents conflicting planets and wanted to clarify on that.
  3. Also wanted to know if I can wear Pukhraj in any finger other than INDEX Finger. The reason for that is explained in my above posted query.
  4. Kindly review my wife’s posted detail & advise about our compatibility. Also suggest GEMSTONE(s) for her. She is suffering from Hepatitis C and feeling very weak & sick.