Hello, My Name is Gemini and



My Name is Gemini and my DOB is -14/01/1987. An astrologer advised me to wear Blue Sapphire for good reasons and I wear it on the date of February 23, 2013. He said that it can give me positive results within 3 seconds or 3 minutes or 3 hours or 3 days but everything is normal in my life.

Now a jeweller advised me to wear Yellow Sapphire and he said that Blue Sapphire is useful to protect a person from any sort of bad things and Yellow sapphire is used for benefits in wealth and business. I am in real estate business and I am wearing Blue Sapphire substitute (6.25 ratti) on the middle finger and Diamond on the ring finger for a week to check if it delivers any positive results.

Should I wear a real Blue Sapphire instead of substitute? Please advise me what I should do; should I wear both Sapphires in same hand or in different hand.