Hello Macvin Mario


Hello Macvin Mario Rodrigues,

Welcome to the forum.

As per your birth details you have born on Thursday, under Jyesta constellation, Scorpio Zodiac and Pisces Ascendant.

Referring to your horoscope you are a person with confusion most of the time and end up with two options and then get into dilemma. At the same time you are also a temperamental person and are very much knowledgable at the same time. However, you are not very keen and don’t like the numbers more. I can see you are having bad habits and involved with bad friendships and suffering from skin, ulcers related problems and mental stress problems sometimes due to your friend circle. I can also see that there is a big hole in your pocket i.e. anything which you earn goes out from your pocket with out your notice and majorly towards credits.

As per your vimshottari you are running with venus maha dasha from June 2002 till June 2022 which is not so favourable for your health.

As per planet transition you have started with Sade Sati and from past 2 years and you are facing more of obstacles even for one small job. And this will remain for another 5 more years and for this you need to follow some Saturn oriented remedial measures.

Wearing Hessonite Garnet (Gomed) will help you in reducing loss and improvement in health related issues and if for these problems you wanted to wear the gemstone then go for it.


Srinivasa Temkar